We offer state of art integrated building automation systems.



BSV (Building SuperVisor) Automaatio Oy specializes in the installation and maintenance of building automation.

We provide solutions for companies, the public sector and housing corporations in our region.

As BSV Automaatio Oy is a representative of Honeywell, a leading manufacturer of automation products in the world, we offer our clients state of the art integrated building automation systems.



The main products of BSV Automaatio are building automation systems and heating, ventilation and air conditioning controllers manufactured by Honeywell. BSV Automaatio is an authorized retailer of Honeywell products.

The Honeywell product range includes over 3500 building automation products and a wide range of automation systems.
CentraLine by Honeywell »

BSV Automaatio Oy is also a regional representative of Ouman controller products. Ouman Oy is a Finnish company specializing in building automation


Most of our clients reside within a 100-km radius from Forssa. Major clients are being provided for further away as well. BSV Automaatio has established a stable position in its territory.

We install systems in schools, day-care centers, old-age homes, offices, hospitals, industrial plants as well as other public and private buildings.


CentraLine by Honeywell




Our biggest clients include:
cities, municipalities, industrial plants, heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies, for example:

  • Senate Properties
  • Welfare District of Forssa
  • the health center authority in Riihimäki
  • Natural Resources Institute in Jokioinen
  • Oy Högfors-Ruukki Ab in Karkkila
  • Componenta Karkkila Oy
  • Lounea Oy
  • Lohjan Puhelin Oy
  • S-ryhmä (S-group)/The cooperative store of Hämeenmaa, eg.
    Prisma, Forssa
    Prisma, Hämeenlinna
  • Fingrid, Forssa
  • the city of Forssa
  • the municipality of Jokioinen
  • the municipality of Punkalaidun
  • the municipality of Padasjoki


BSV Automaatio Oy

Kartanonkatu 4
FI 30100 Forssa
tel. +358 3 435 6780


Managing Director
Juha Vehkanen
+358 40 528 0544

Kati Vehkanen
+358 40 583 0445

Project Manager
Erkki Vehkanen
+358 40 048 6257

Installation and programming
Jukka Ääri
+358 40 142 9007